From: Terri Casey
Date: 12 August 2008 14:35
To: D.J. Keenan
Cc: Adrienne D Bonilla
Subject: Wang Misconduct Investigation case
Attach: 6-25-08 Philip final letter to Wang


August 11, 2008

Mr. Douglas J. Keenan
The Limehouse Cut
London E14 6N

Dear Mr. Keenan:

Enclosed is a copy of Interim President George M. Philip’s final determination regarding the Wei-Chyung Wang misconduct investigation case.  I am notifying you of the case outcome because you were the complainant in this case.  The University’s misconduct policies and the Office of Research Integrity regulations preclude discussion of any information pertaining to this case with others who were not directly involved in the investigation. 


(Lynn Videka)

Lynn Videka
University at Albany Research Integrity Officer                                    

Vice President for Research
Distinguished Service Professor

cc:     George M. Philip, Esq., Interim President
        Adrienne Bonilla, Esq., University Compliance Officer
        John Reilly, Esq., Associate University Counsel