Phil Jones works as a scientist at the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia, in England. Jones was the head of the Climatic Research Unit during 2004–2009. He is one of the world's leading global-warming researchers, and he had an important role in the writing of the 2007 Assessment Report for the IPCC. I have accused Jones of acting corruptly in some of his work. Following are brief notes about that and some other related events.

2005-02-21 In response to a request from Warwick Hughes for some meteorological data, Jones replies “Why should I make the data available to you, when your aim is to try and find something wrong with it”.
2007-06-19 I send an accusatory message, demonstrating that, by 2001, Jones knew there were serious problems with certain research on urbanization effects, and yet he continued to rely upon the research in his work, including allowing it to be cited in the IPCC Assessment Report (§ Jones does not reply.
2007-11-12 My exposé “The fraud allegation against some climatic research of Wei-Chyung Wang” is published in the journal Energy & Environment. The exposé includes the accusation made in my message of 2007-06-19. Jones served as one of the reviewers for the exposé. In his review, there was no attempt to rebut the accusation.
2008-05-29 Jones sends a message to a colleague, asking that e-mails related to the IPCC Assessment Report be deleted. This is done in response to Freedom-of-Information requests for the e-mails (principally from global-warming sceptic Stephen McIntyre).
2010-02-10 I make a submission to the UK House of Commons Science and Technology Committee. This is pursuant to an Inquiry that the Committee is conducting into the integrity of research conducted at the Climatic Research Unit. The submission presents further evidence that Jones' work for the IPCC was unscrupulous. It also describes how Jones abused the review process for my exposé, in an attempt to prevent publication of something that was critical of his work in support of global warming.

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