From: D.J. Keenan
Cc: Suzanne Lambe;
Sent: 9 June 2010 12:46
Subject: Your ref: FOI/10/49
Dear Ms. Troy,
I refer to your response to my request for a copy of all e-mails that satisfy all the following conditions.
1. Paula J. Reimer was a sender or a recipient.
2. Michael G.L. Baillie was a sender or a recipient.
3. The e-mail was sent on or after 2007-04-10.
Each e-mail included in the response lists either Reimer or Baillie in the "To" field (of the e-mail header).  I expected that there would be some e-mails sent by Baillie/Reimer to some third party, Cc'ing Reimer/Baillie: any such e-mails, if sent on or after 2007-04-10, would satisfy all the conditions. 
I hereby appeal, and request the remaining e-mails satisfying the above conditions.
Douglas Keenan