Cc: Suzanne Lambe;
Sent: 15 April 2010 11:12
Subject: FOI/10/28
Dear Ms. Jamison,
I hereby appeal your decision on my request FOI/10/28, for copies of emails received by a QUB Vice-Chancellor or Pro-Vice-Chancellor and that contain the word “Reimer” (this thus includes all e-mails received from Paula Reimer).
The response contains only six e-mails, the earliest dated to September 2009. Reimer joined QUB in about September 2004. Thus QUB's response effectively claims that no Vice-Chancellor or Pro-Vice-Chancellor received any e-mails that contained the word “Reimer” during Reimer's first five years at QUB—and that includes the Pro-Vice-Chancellor who replied to my FoI requests in 2007. Such a response does not seem to be credible.
My request should be responded to in full. Note that this is to include all relevant e-mails held by QUB on any computer equipment, etc.
Douglas J. Keenan