Sent: 23 November 2009 11:58
Subject: FS50163282 - QUB - request for information rleating to tree research[Ref. FS50163282]

Dear Mr Keenan

You will recall that some weeks ago we spoke regarding the above case which was previously being handled by Aubrey McCrory.

I am writing to confirm that this case has now been formally allocated to me and I have carried out a review of the case file.? I am today writing to the public authority to clarify a few outstanding issues regarding the exceptions they have cited under the Environmental Information Regulations 2004.? Once I have received a response to these queries I will be in a position to finalise the drafting of a Decision Notice.? Whilst I cannot be specific regarding the timescale for completing this case I expect that
the Decision Notice is unlikely to issue until early in the New Year.?

I apologise for the delay you have experienced in the handling of this case to date, which has been the result of rather extenuating circumstances.? However please be assured that I will endeavour to expedite proceedings from this point forward.


Amanda Latimer
Senior Complaints Officer


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