From: D.J. Keenan
To: Marianna Bolshakova
Sent: 11 March 2009 16:26
Subject: Re: Breach of Aarhus Convention by the United Kingdom

Dear Ms. Bolshakova,

Kind thanks for your helpful and detailed reply.

In the UK, it does not appear to be possible for an individual to bring a case about this to court directly. Instead, individuals are required to depend on the ICO to do so (as I understand things).

Yesterday, though, I was informed that an Assistant Information Commissioner, who reports directly to the head of the ICO, has taken up my case. I had not expected that: there had been no word from the ICO since mid January. This means that there is a fair chance that matters will now be resolved. For now, then, I would not ask for the Secretariat to do more on this. I will keep you posted on how/if things work out.

With kind wishes,
and thanks again,
Douglas Keenan