From: D.J. Keenan
Sent: 24 October 2007 14:48
Subject: Queen's University Belfast [Ref. FS50163282]

Dear Mr. Craig,
Further to our previous correspondence, I write now to appeal the decision of Queen's University Belfast [QUB] to reject my FoI Request.  QUB's decision is unacceptable to me, and I have exhausted the internal appeal process. 
It is notable that the main issues raised in my last appeal to QUB (on July 13th) were wholly ignored by QUB in its final rejection letter.  Specifically, my appeal noted that "the statutes require that the university fulfill a request partially, if the request cannot be feasibly fulfilled in full" and that "my Request could be largely fulfilled by giving me a copy of the computer files that contain the requested information; making a copy of the relevant computer files would obviously take [only] hours".  There is no acknowledgement of any of this in QUB's rejection letter.
The above, as well as the repeated delays throughout the processing of my Request, and the unreasonableness of previous responses to my Request, make it plain that QUB is acting with wilful intent to avoid conforming with the FoI Act.  (Another evidence for this is the third paragraph of the last rejection letter, which is severely misleading.)
To summarize, I am requesting a copy of the computer files that QUB has that contain some of the information specified in my initial Request.  I understand that not all the information requested is computerized; I additionally understand that the files might contain ancillary information not requested; I further understand that the information might not be in exactly the format that I requested.  But I still want the copies of the files.
A timeline of events is appended.  A copy of relevant correspondence with QUB is attached.
Douglas J. Keenan
Phone: 020 7537 4122

On April 10th, I submitted a Request for Information to the Information Compliance Unit at QUB.
On April 24th, having received no acknowledgement of my request, I telephoned QUB.  The university claimed to have sent me a letter of acknowledgement by post; the letter was supposedly sent on April 16th, but had not (and has not) arrived.  I pointed out that my Request had been sent by e-mail, and asked that a all communications be done electronically.  A copy of the letter was then forwarded to me by e-mail.
The letter claimed that my e-mailed Request had only been received on April 16th.  The letter (correctly) stated that QUB had 20 business days to process my Request, and concluded that an overall response would be provided by May 15th, i.e. 20 business days after April 16th.  No explanation of why it took six days to receive my e-mail was provided.
On May 11th, I received an e-mail from the Information Compliance Officer at QUB stating that a response to my Request would be provided on May 18th.  The explanation given was that the Officer was on leave.
On May 21st, 28 business days after my Request was submitted (allowing one business day for receiving the Request), having received no response from QUB, I e-mailed a complaint to, Cc QUB.
On May 22nd (i.e. the next day), I received a response from QUB.  My request was refused (on grounds that seemed to me to be absurd). 
On May 24th, I filed an appeal with QUB.
On May 25th, I received an acknowledgement of the appeal, from QUB.
On June 21st, I received a rejection of my appeal from QUB.
On July 13th, I filed a second appeal with QUB.
On July 24th, I received an acknowledgement of my second appeal, from QUB.
On September 28th, 54 business days after filing my second appeal, I received a rejection of the appeal.