From: D.J. Keenan
Sent: 23 May 2007 11:13
Subject: Re: FOI Act Request to Queen's University Belfast

Dear Commissioner,
On May 21st, I e-mailed you to complain that Queen's University Belfast was ignoring a request I had made under the FOI Act.  The university was Cc'd on that e-mail.  Yesterday, the university responded to my request.  (You were CC'd in their response.)  Thus, it seems that my complaint to you had some effect on them.
Therefore, I am not requesting the ICO to undertake any actions, at this time.
The university has refused my request on grounds that seem absurd, and I am appealing their decision via their internal complaints procedure.  I might contact you again, depending on how that works out.
Douglas J. Keenan
020 7537 4122