From: D.J. Keenan
To: Margaret Leinen; Louise Pellerin; Chris McEntee;
Sent: 2016-08-12 18:59
Subject: Publication of 2016GL070428
Attach: Re: Interview for the American Geophysical Union; Lovejoy et al.: 2016GL070428

Dear All,
AGU is about to publish a paper that I believe libels me. I found out about this late Wednesday. My emails to the Editor in Chief of the journal, Noah Diffenbaugh, have gone unanswered; copies of the emails are attached. The paper is 2016GL070428.
Briefly, the basis for the paper is an assertion that I made a certain claim—which, if true, would imply that I have been incompetent. I, however, have never said anything like the claim. Moreover, I wrote something a couple years ago effectively arguing against the claim. The assertion about me in the paper is a fabrication.
I have not had time to obtain legal advice on this, in part because I was hoping to resolve the issue via discussions with the Editor in Chief. You might consider delaying publication of the paper.
Douglas J. Keenan