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Peer-reviewed publications

"Calibration of a radiocarbon age", Nonlinear Processes in Geophysics, 19: 345–350 (2012). doi: 10.5194/npg-19-345-2012.

"The fraud allegation against some climatic research of Wei-Chyung Wang", Energy & Environment, 18: 985–995 (2007). doi: 10.1260/095830507782616913.  Remarks.

"Defence of planetary conjunctions for early Chinese chronology is unmerited", Journal of Astronomical History and Heritage, 10: 142–147 (2007).

"Grape harvest dates are poor indicators of summer warmth", Theoretical and Applied Climatology, 87: 255–256 (2007). doi: 10.1007/s00704-006-0197-9.  Remarks.

"Radiocarbon dates from Iron Age Gordion are confounded", Ancient West & East, 3: 100–103 (2004).

"Volcanic ash retrieved from the GRIP ice core is not from Thera", Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 4, 1097 (2003). doi: 10.1029/2003GC000608.

"Why early-historical radiocarbon dates downwind from the Mediterranean are too early", Radiocarbon, 44: 225–237 (2002). doi: 10.1017/S0033822200064833.  Corrigenda.  Remarks.

"Astro-historiographic chronologies of early China are unfounded", East Asian History, 23: 61–68 (2002).

Short tutorials

"Basics of radiocarbon dating"  (2018-10-29).

"Disputes in statistical analyses"  (2007-02-02).

"Is a line trending upward?"  (2006-12-10).

Op-eds and similar

"My thwarted attempt to tell of Libor shenanigans", Financial Times, 2012-07-27.  Director’s Cut.  Responses.

"How scientific is climate science?", Wall Street Journal, 2011-04-05.  Director’s Cut.

Letters to The Economist.

Other stuff

Contest: identify trend-driven time series—prize is $100 000.

"Statistical analyses of surface temperatures in the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report" (2014).

"Tree-ring data at Queen's University Belfast"—using the UK Freedom of Information Act to get scientific data.

"The Gillberg affair"—a medical research scandal in Sweden (working draft, 2007).

"Anatolian tree-ring studies are untrustworthy" (manuscript, 2006).

"Why Lehman Brothers had to go bankrupt" (2020).

A cheque for $2.56+$0.32 from D.E. Knuthcomputer science reward.

"A 95-year corporate copyright is not constitutional"—for the USA.

About the author: I used to do mathematical research and financial trading on Wall Street and in the City of London; since 1995, I have been an independent mathematical scientist.

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